Rosanna Inc

Rosanna Bowles is the founder of Rosanna Inc, an award-winning, international tableware design house with fashion forward design for the home and table. Her fresh and affordable designs are distributed throughout the world.

Always on the hunt for ideas, Rosanna keeps her dinnerware fresh by constantly traveling, reading, observing, listening and being curious about culture, fashion and the world. She often looks to the runway for style suggestions, whether it’s the notion of layering, mixing and matching, the newest prints or the hottest hue. And as always, Rosanna savors what’s on the table, designing dishes around tasty trends from olive oil tasting to food and wine pairings. And it’s no surprise that Rosanna reaches back into her happy childhood for inspiration as well, creating instant heirlooms-fresh, modern takes on her favorites, to be enjoyed in the moment and handed down for generations to come.

Territories Represented: Southeast, TOLA, MW


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