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Steel Mill & Co.

Most know for it’s notable strength, the “steel” part of what they represent also means to be mentally prepared, even in the times of difficulty. They use these words as a constant reminders of who they are and what they believe in, and they hope you feel their impact in everything they do. The “Mill” Part of who they are refers to the things about which they are most passionate. In action, it can also mean to shape. Putting this into practice, they strive to challenge each other to continue creating impactful collections, building meaningful relationships and providing outstanding support for all their customers and coworkers alike. Much like the seasons, they’re always in transition. For them “& Co.” Means company just as much as community. Without each and every one of you joining their journy of self-expression and authenticity. They wouldn’t have these many wonderful opportunities for creativity and growth!

Steel Mill & Co is inspired by fashion and friendship at every age. Founded by women, for women. Steel Mill & Co is a lifestyle boutique designed to help every woman showcase her unique style. A division of Lifeguard Press

Molly hATCH FOR Steel Mill & CO

Modern heirlooms with everyday charm. Molly Hatch creates tableware, home goods, stationery, and gifts designed to make the familiar new again. Somewhere between whimsical and traditional is where we feel right at home.

Artist, designer, and ceramicist Molly Hatch began her career as a studio potter, infusing her tableware and home decor items with contemporary sensibilities and classical charm. The daughter of a painter and an organic dairy farmer, she draws from the beauty of everyday objects by imagining where each will live.

Territories Represented: Southeast except NC, MA, TOLA, MW except Chicago

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